Aaron Chadda

Founder + Personal Trainer
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Let’s start by saying that I am not your typical personal trainer.

My Story

I used to hate the gym. I was overweight at college. I was not a high school athlete, captain of any sports team and I didn’t do a bicep curl until I was at least 17.

I get it when you say that the gym isn’t where you want to be. Because it wasn’t my favourite place either… until I worked out how to fall in love with making fitness part of my lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my first personal training job in a commercial gym – but I could still see all the things that had put me off all those years ago… the self-proclaimed ‘experts’, the gigantic mirrors and the utterly unflattering lights. The environment simply hadn’t changed

In 2020 I knew it was about time I did something about it.

With people even more disenfranchised with crowded gyms than ever before, but the need for exercise and support greater than previously seen – there had to be a better way to get high-quality workouts with specialist equipment, without the pressure.

The Core Concepts of One21:

Stay Humble

Trust the Process

Enjoy the Journey

“I want to offer Southampton something different.

A tailored 1-1 environment.

A commercial gym is very busy, which is a great sign that people want to get fit…. but many of us don’t have the confidence to walk into a busy gym and a lot of people don’t actually like it.”

This is where it begins.

At One21 I’ve created a space where not only do you get the support, coaching and confidence boost of a 1-1 trainer, but you also learn how to effectively use the very best equipment on the market. 

My passion is helping people to create results out of realistic goals, despite having never used a gym before, despite any injury and no matter what their schedule allows.

If you can walk through that door, I can train you.

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